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Promoting the use of low-cost pharmacies

What you pay for prescription drugs depends on where you fill your prescription. Depending on which pharmacy you choose, you may pay more or less for the ingredient costs, the pharmacy mark-up and the dispensing fee. These factors vary significantly by pharmacy. 

Pacific Blue Cross has a preferred pharmacy plan with pharmacies that have the lowest dispensing fees. For example, one of the most cost-effective choices is Costco Pharmacy, which does not require a membership and offers free home delivery. Currently, only a small percentage of member prescriptions are filled at Costco. It is estimated that if all plan members’ prescriptions in 2018 had been filled at Costco Pharmacy, it would have saved both the plan and members more than $10 million. 

Other pharmacies in the Blue Cross preferred plan include London Drugs, Save-On-Foods and Thrifty Foods. For more information, check out Pacific Blue Cross's preferred pharmacy network. 

As you can imagine, if more plan members would choose a low-cost pharmacy, the positive impacts for everyone in terms of the cost of benefits to the plan and premiums to individual members could potentially be quite substantial. However, we acknowledge that low-cost alternatives may not be accessible for all members.