COVID-19 update: To minimize service impacts and ensure the safety of our staff, we’re not accepting paper documents. Please send your personal forms and paperwork through My Account Message Centre. If you cannot access My Account, aren’t a pension plan member or are submitting on behalf of someone else, please contact us.

Submit a form to change your first or middle name(s)

Send us a form to let us know if you've changed your first or middle name(s).

To submit the form

  1. Complete the form online
  2. Print and sign it
  3. Submit the form to BC's Municipal Pension Plan

Another way to let us know of your name change

You can also tell us of your name change by signing in to My Account and updating your personal profile information.


If you are an active or inactive member, you can change your first or middle name(s) online.

If you are a retired or limited member, please contact the plan to let us know your name has changed.

Required information
  • A copy of a marriage certificate or legal change-of-name document