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We've replaced PensionFacts with a topic – and task-based website.

We've organized the information about your pension plan in a topic – and task-based format.  The PensionFacts and guides you may have previously used have been incorporated into this new format.  If you had links to those documents and pages, please delete them. 

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PensionFact Where to find the information

Addressing your concerns Contact us to address a concern

Claiming credit for child-rearing How to claim a child-rearing credit

Disability pensions Disability pensions
How to apply for a disability pension

History of enrolment rules in the Municipal Pension Plan Buying enrolment arrears
How to buy enrolment arrears

How a separation or divorce affects your pension Divorce and separation

In the event of a death Death and death benefits

Long-term disability benefits Long-term disability benefits

Pre-retirement survivor benefits (for death of a member OVER age 55) Death and your pension

Pre-retirement survivor benefits (for death of a member UNDER age 55) Death and your pension

Purchasing arrears How to buy arrears

Purchasing leaves of absence How to buy service for a leave

Purchasing non-contributory service How to buy non-contributory service

Purchasing past service How to buy past service

Reinstatement of a refund

Reinstating service and paying back a refund
Taxes and your pension

Separate Pension Benefits Separate pensions

Short-term disability benefits Short-term disability benefits

Transferring service Leaving your employer
Transfer service between public sector pension plans

Your pension and your
RRSP room
Tax information for active members

Your Pension Plan termination options Leaving your employer

Your salary and your future pension Taking time off work and buying service