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Read the latest news and updates from BC's Municipal Pension Plan.

A message from the chair of the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees: May 20, 2020

Your board of trustees announces two actions for members who participate in the plan’s extended health and dental program.

A message from the chair of the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees: May 12, 2020

Your board of trustees wants to provide you continued reassurance about your pension plan.

A message from the MPBT board chair: March 20, 2020

Your pension payments will be paid on time, and your plan is secure

Board Communique: December 6, 2019

Members will have a new option for buying service for a leave of absence

Board Communique: September 25, 2019

The Municipal Pension Plan 2018 valuation shows the plan is fully funded

Member news: August 22, 2019

Pension transfer agreement between RCMP pension plan and Municipal Pension Plan

Board Communique: November 23, 2018

We are reallocating your contributions to strengthen the plan’s inflation funding

Board Communique: July 11, 2018

You will pay less for your dental plan starting August 1, 2018

Board Communique: July 6, 2017

Changes to actuarial assumptions may affect pension amounts for some members who retire on or after January 1, 2018.

Member news: July 6, 2017

IMPORTANT: Members with special agreement balances

Board Communique: September 26, 2016

An independent valuation report shows that the BC's Municipal Pension Plan is fully funded.