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Tell us if a retired plan member dies

Please let us know if a retired plan member dies. We will contact their beneficiary (or beneficiaries) if a death benefit is payable to them.

The death of a loved one is a difficult time, with many details to take care of and decisions to make. Please contact us as soon as possible after the death of a retired plan member so we can make your experience as easy as possible.

After a plan member dies, contact us in writing to:

  • Identify the plan member using their full name and two personal identifiers such as their Person ID, date of birth, telephone number or address
  • Provide contact information for the executor named in the will
  • Include a copy of the death certificate

It is important to inform us promptly that a retired member has died so we do not overpay the pension. The last regular pension payment occurs the end of the month in which the plan member dies. If we do not know and continue to make the monthly pension payments after their death, this overpayment will have to be paid back to the plan.

Once we know of a retired member’s death, we will stop paying the pension and start the process to pay any potential death benefits to the named beneficiary(ies).

We will send a letter to the executor, named beneficiary(ies) or spouse explaining the death benefits, including the amount and how they will be paid. This letter will also state whether the beneficiary is entitled to health care coverage.

Health care coverage through a retired member’s plan

If you are a spouse or dependant of a retired member who has died and were receiving health and dental coverage through their pension plan, you may still be eligible for this coverage.

If this applies to you, we will send you information on health and dental coverage along with the other information we send you after the retired member’s death.

Death benefits from other agencies

Contact Service Canada to notify it of the death. It can answer your questions about the Canada Pension Plan, old age security and related programs.


External link to Service Canada

Contact Service Canada