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Five ways to save on health care costs

Save money on staying healthy with these helpful tips.

Here are five things you can do to keep your extended health care costs down while also helping the plan manage these costs:

  1. Use generic drugs when possible
    If you are able to use a generic version of a drug, please ask your doctor and pharmacist for it. This can do a lot to help reduce drug costs.

  2. Use Pharmacy Compass to find the best price for your prescription
    Pacific Blue Cross has an online program called Pharmacy Compass. Anyone can use it, not just those with coverage through Pacific Blue Cross. Simply enter the drug name and your postal code to find which local drugstore has the best price and dispensing fee.

  3. Take advantage of the Blue Advantage program
    Pacific Blue Cross’ national Blue Advantage Program is another cost saver. Blue Advantage provides discounts on things like hearing assessments and aids, nursing services, wheelchairs, scooters and other medical equipment.

  4. Get reimbursed faster: file your claims online
    Save time and money with Pacific Blue Cross' Member Profile by using this online service to submit claims, register for direct deposit and look up drugs to see if they are covered. You get your money back faster using Member Profile than if you submit claims through the mail.

  5. Use Pacific Blue Cross’ Preferred Pharmacy Network
    Pharmacies that participate in the Preferred Pharmacy Network offer lower drug costs and dispensing fees, expanded health care support and help with special authority and high-cost drugs. Preferred Pharmacy Network is available in many pharmacies, including stores like Costco, London Drugs and Save-on Foods. Show your Pacific Blue Cross ID card at these locations in BC to take advantage of savings.

    If you live in a small community, there may not be a store in the Preferred Pharmacy Network. That’s okay, use the stores available to you. If you, as a retired member, can go to a Preferred Pharmacy Network location, the board appreciates it when you do.

These might seem like small measures, but when many retired members do them, it really helps control costs and keeps the extended health program sustainable. It also saves you money!

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"These might seem like small measures, but when many retired members do them, it really helps control costs and keeps the extended health program sustainable. It also saves you money!"

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