Get a cost estimate and start your application online

Trying to decide about buying service? Ready to apply? The purchase cost estimator can help.

Get an estimate and apply to buy service

Sign in to My Account and use the purchase cost estimator to find out your cost to buy service. This tool automatically fills a form.

  1. In My Account, click Estimates > Purchase Cost Estimator
  2. Follow the steps to complete the form
  3. Use your estimate to help with decision making or consult with a financial adviser
  4. When you’re ready to apply, verify the information, print the form and submit it to your employer (You do not need to sign; the signature line is optional)


Most members who are eligible to buy service can use the purchase cost estimator to get an estimate and complete their application form. In a small number of cases, the online estimator will not provide you with accurate results.

If you are currently on a leave of absence, you must wait until you have returned to work to buy service.

Submit a paper form instead only if you:

  • Want to make continuous contributions during an Employment Standards Act (ESA)–approved leave of absence
  • Have a former spouse who is entitled to a share of your pension
  • Are currently working in a position where you do not make monthly pension contributions
  • Are currently on long-term disability and want to buy back a previous leave
  • Want to buy service for an ESA–approved leave and you were not working full time before the leave
  • Work for more than one plan employer at the same time
  • Have worked in a public safety occupation (in employee groups 2 or 5 as a police officer or firefighter) and in a non-public safety occupation
Required information
  • The type of service you want to buy
  • The start and end dates of your gap in service


Your employer can help you find this information.

External link to employment standards

Government of B.C. Employment Standards