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How to appeal a decision about your pension

Learn how to submit an appeal if you disagree with how the plan rules have been applied.


Decisions about your pension – from how your pension is calculated to determining your eligibility for benefits – are based on BC's Municipal Pension Plan rules. These rules are applied by BC Pension Corporation on behalf of the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees (board).

If you disagree with a decision made by Pension Corporation in how it has applied the plan rules, you can appeal all or part of the decision. Keep in mind that the appeal process is intended to ensure the plan rules are applied correctly. You can appeal a decision, but you can’t appeal the plan rules.

To appeal a decision, contact the board. The board's appeals panel will review and resolve your appeal. The panel is made up of an equal number of employer- and member-appointed trustees.

Who is eligible

Any person or organization directly affected by a decision can submit an appeal.

What you can appeal

You can appeal any decision of Pension Corporation that directly affects you in how the plan rules have been applied.

What you can’t appeal

You can’t appeal a decision:

  • Because you think that a plan rule should be changed
  • If the decision does not directly affect you (although you can represent someone else in their appeal)
  • Made by the board, including decisions about group benefits
  • Made by the Superannuation Commission before Pension Corporation became the plan’s administrative agent


You must file an appeal within one year of the date of Pension Corporation’s written administrative review. If you miss this deadline, you can apply to the appeals panel for an extension.

If you are applying for an extension, you need to explain why you didn’t submit an appeal within the one-year period. The appeals panel will then decide whether to allow an extension.

Contact us

Appeals Registrar
Municipal Pension Board Secretariat
PO Box 9460
Victoria BC V8W 9V8
Phone: 250-356-6220
Phone toll-free in Canada and U.S.: 1-800-668-6335
Fax: 250-356-6245
Online: Sign in to My Account and click the envelope for Message Centre


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