Disability and your pension

Explore the options that may be available to you if you become ill or injured and are unable to work.

If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you may be eligible for short-term disability benefits, long-term disability benefits or a disability pension.  

Your employer or union can tell you about the criteria you must meet to receive short-term or long-term disability benefits. These benefits pay you an income while you are unable to work.

When you are off work because of an illness or injury, your pension may be affected. How it's affected depends on whether you are on short- or long-term disability. In some cases, you will continue to receive pensionable and contributory service while you are unable to work.

In other cases, you will not be contributing to the plan or accumulating service while off work. If this applies to you, you may be able to buy the service for the time you were off work and receiving short- or long-term disability benefits.

You may also be eligible for a disability pension. A disability pension pays you a monthly pension and replaces any termination benefits or retirement pension you would normally receive as a plan member.