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Increase in vision coverage

Vision care is currently covered at 100% for up to $150 in a two-year period. This is a well-used benefit in the plan, with nearly all members who use it claiming the maximum amount. We are considering two changes that would both be made at the same time, meaning either both changes are made, or no changes are made:

  1. increasing the coverage to a maximum of $250 every two years, and 
  2. including eye exams for members under age 65 (exams are covered by public health care for those 65 and older, but optometrists are permitted to charge over and above what MSP pays, as is the case with all supplementary health services).

Increasing the limit to $250 would bring the plan in line with vision amounts covered in other similar benefits plans. There would be a cost to the plan and potential increased premiums to implement this change.