Board trustees

Meet BC's Municipal Pension Board of Trustees.

Bonnie Pearson

Bonnie Pearson

Appointed by: Municipal Employees' Pension Committee
Committee(s): Valuation, benefits
Board term: 2016–current

Bonnie Pearson has been a trade union activist and representative throughout her life.

She retired in 2015 as Secretary-Business Manager from the Hospital Employees’ Union. Throughout her career as a union negotiator, she was a strong advocate for women’s rights, including pay equity, employment equity and pension matters. She previously served as a trustee for the College Pension Plan and was actively involved in plan partner discussions for the Municipal Pension Plan prior to her retirement.

In 2016 she was appointed by the Municipal Employees' Pension Committee to serve as primary retiree trustee. She remains a strong advocate of defined benefit pension plans and brings that commitment to her role as retiree trustee for the Municipal Pension Plan.