What types of service you can buy

Learn about the types of service you can buy to potentially increase your future pension.

Buying enrolment arrears

You may be able to increase your future pension by buying enrolment arrears for a period when you could have contributed to BC's Municipal Pension Plan but didn’t.

This may apply to you if:

  • Your enrolment was mandatory, but you didn’t start contributing when first required to do so
  • Your enrolment was optional, and you joined the plan but didn’t start contributing from your date of eligibility
  • Your enrolment in the plan (on or after April 1, 2000) was optional, but you didn’t sign the waiver to opt out of the plan
  • You signed the waiver to opt out of the plan, but then decided to enrol in the plan and did not start contributing on the date you enrolled

If you have enrolment arrears, you can buy the arrears period to increase the service that counts toward your pension. This may increase the monthly pension payment amount you would receive when you retire.

The cost to buy enrolment arrears cannot be estimated using the personalized purchase cost estimator in My Account. We will send you and your employer a statement showing how much you each need to pay.

Your employer must immediately pay its share to the plan. You can decide if you want to pay your share. You have 90 days to pay.

If you pay your share, you will get credit for the full pensionable service.

If you do not pay your share, you will get credit for:

  • Half the pensionable service  
  • The full contributory service