How to buy arrears

Find out how to buy arrears if there was a period when you and your employer should have contributed to the plan but didn't.

Arrears are a period when you and your employer should have contributed to BC's Municipal Pension Plan, but didn't. There are two kinds of arrears: enrolment and payroll.

Enrolment arrears occur when you were not enrolled in the plan when you should have been and therefore should have been contributing to the plan.

Payroll arrears occur when your employer did not deduct and remit the required contributions to the plan when it should have.

Do you have a period of arrears?

You may have enrolment arrears if there was a period where you were not correctly enrolled in the plan and did not contribute. Whether you have enrolment arrears depends on the plan enrolment rules at the time you became eligible to enrol in the plan. Enrolment arrears might also occur if you are working for more than one employer that participates in the plan but are only contributing to the plan based on your employment with one employer.

You may have payroll arrears if your employer did not deduct your pension contributions from your paycheque, even if you were correctly enrolled in the plan.

You may want to check your pay stub regularly (particularly after you return from a leave) to make sure your pension contributions are being deducted. If you aren't sure whether your employer has made (or is making) contribution payments on your behalf, it's a good idea to follow up with your employer.


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