How to buy arrears

Find out how to buy arrears if there was a period when you and your employer should have contributed to the plan but didn't.

How to buy payroll arrears

Payroll arrears most commonly occur if your employer did not:

  • Deduct pension contributions on salary paid to you during a partially paid leave of absence
  • Resume making pension deductions after a period of unpaid leave (such as a maternity leave, for example)

What is the process?

Contact your employer if you notice a period where you should have contributed to the plan but didn't. We'll send your employer a statement that shows the cost and payment due date. Your employer may bill you for the employee's share.

The cost to buy arrears is based on:

  • The amount of pensionable service you are buying
  • Your current full-time salary
  • The current employee and employer contribution rates


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