Separation and divorce checklist

When your marriage or common-law relationship ends, you and your former spouse need to complete some tasks regarding your pension. Use this checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

After a separation or divorce, you and your former spouse have many things to think about, including how your pension will be affected. Your pension is considered a type of family property, like a house or car, so your former spouse may be entitled to a portion of it.

Here is a checklist of the main actions you need to take to divide your pension:

□ Submit a Release of Information form to allow us to share information about your pension with others, such as a lawyer

□ Your former spouse can submit a Form P1 to make a claim to their share of your pension (this form also gives us permission to send your former spouse information about your pension)

□ Send us a document to tell us how we should divide the pension between you and your former spouse (this document can be a separation agreement, registered court order or a Form P9)

□ If your former spouse wants to receive their share of your pension, they must apply to become a limited member of the plan. This involves submitting a form and paying an administration fee

□ Tell us if you or your former spouse have changed names or addresses after the separation or divorce

□ Submit proof-of-age documents

We recommend that you and your former spouse get independent legal advice about your individual rights when dividing a pension. BC's Municipal Pension Plan cannot provide advice on this topic.