Death and death benefits

This section summarizes what needs to be done when someone dies and explains how your eligible beneficiary(ies) can claim a death benefit from BC's Municipal Pension Plan.

Death and your pension

After you die, your spouse, other beneficiaries and/or your estate may be paid their portion of your pension benefit.

Tell us if a member dies before retiring

Please tell us when a plan member dies so we can pay the death benefit to the beneficiary or estate.

Tell us if a retired plan member dies

Please let us know when a retired member dies so we can contact the member's beneficiary(ies) if a death benefit is payable to them.

Tell us if your spouse dies

If you are a plan member and your spouse dies, please contact us so we can guide you through the actions you might need to take regarding your pension.

Tell us if a beneficiary dies

If one of your beneficiaries dies, you can update your beneficiary designations.

Tell us if a limited member dies

If a limited plan member dies, their beneficiary or executor should contact the plan.

Claim a death benefit

When a plan member dies and you are entitled to a death benefit or you are the executor, we will send you information about your next steps.