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Pacific Blue Cross – Summer 2022

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Hypertension—more commonly known as high blood pressure—is a common condition affecting approximately 7.5 million adults in Canada. This condition can lead to heart attack and stroke if not managed appropriately. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, or your health care practitioner has flagged that it may become an issue for you, Pacific Blue Cross has put together some information that might help you understand what it is and strategies you can use to reduce it.

To help you to better manage dental costs, Pacific Blue Cross has also created a “know before you go” tip sheet for smart dental shopping. The tip sheet explains how dental fees are set and how they are covered by Pacific Blue Cross. It also offers many questions to ask your dentist if you’re concerned about your out-of-pocket expenses.

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Pacific Blue Cross provides retired plan members access to optional extended health care and dental coverage. For more information on your plan coverage or online services, please contact PBC directly at 1-877-722-2583.

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