Pension Life - Winter 2021

Prescription-saving tips

Doctor handing prescription to patient

Did you know you can save money on prescriptions by choosing where you get your prescription filled?

What you pay for prescription drugs depends on where you fill your prescription. Different pharmacies charge more or less for the ingredient costs, markup and dispensing fee.

Pacific Blue Cross has a preferred pharmacy network that provides exclusive member savings for those enrolled in extended health care. To save on your prescriptions, just show your Pacific Blue Cross ID card at any of these pharmacies:

  • BioScript
  • Costco
  • Fresh Co.
  • Lawtons
  • London Drugs
  • PocketPills
  • PriceSmart
  • Safeway
  • Save-On-Foods
  • Sobeys
  • Thrifty Foods

One of the most cost-effective choices is Costco Pharmacy. Costco Pharmacy does not require a membership and offers free home delivery.

If more plan members choose a low-cost pharmacy, the potential savings could be substantial to members and to the group benefits plan.

For specific questions about your health care and dental coverage, please contact Pacific Blue Cross by visiting their website or calling them at 604-419-2000 or 1-877-722-2583 (toll-free).

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