Proposed timeline and implementation

When decisions and planning will happen.

The board will make an announcement after they receive an agreement from the plan partners. This is anticipated for spring 2021. There will be information on the plan website and in other communications to members and employers.

September—October 2020

  • Plan partners shared information and collected feedback
  • The plan partners’ website remains available at

November 2020—Spring 2021

  • Plan partners consider feedback on proposed changes and continue conversations with key stakeholders
  • The board continues its review of the plan partner agreement

Spring 2021 (anticipated)

  • The board will make an announcement after they complete their review of the agreement and approve plan rule amendments
  • The plan members and employer websites provide information and resources for members and employers to plan for the changes

January 1, 2022 (anticipated)

  • The new plan design becomes effective


Details of proposed plan changes

Visit the plan partners’ website for details about how the changes may affect you.