Learning articles

In-depth information and feature articles about your pension plan.

COLA: A recipe for improving your pension

Cost-of-living adjustments can help preserve your buying power throughout your retirement.

Five ways to save on health care costs

Save money on staying healthy with these helpful tips.

Online services ready when you are

We know you’re busy. Learn what online services are available to make your pension experience easy.

How sturdy is your retirement income?

Your pension isn't your only source of income when you stop working. Learn about the other sources that can help you build a solid financial plan for retirement.

Time for a minivan? Your pension and your children

Having a child is a good time to consider some work and pension-related issues, from buying back service for time off to working part time and updating your pension beneficiary information.

Funding for retirement health coverage

Your pension from BC's Municipal Pension Plan is a monthly income for your lifetime. It’s based on your salary and years of pensionable service. Health care and dental coverage is not part of your basic lifetime pension. It’s not pre-paid, not guaranteed and it can change at any time.

Ending a relationship – and what it means for your pension

If you and your spouse separate or divorce, you’ll need to decide how to divide your shared family assets, including your pension.