Retirement health and dental coverage

While the situation continues to evolve, it’s important to maintain coverage for unexpected emergency situations.

COVID-19 premium reduction

In response to COVID-19, Pacific Blue Cross reduced premiums in July, August and September 2020 because retired members were unable to access certain services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As dental and extended health care services have now returned, premiums also returned to their usual amount in October 2020.

Cancelling coverage

At the moment, current enrolment rules apply:

  • If you’re enrolled in either of the dental plans, you need to remain a member of the plan for a minimum of 12 months.
  • If you cancel and later decide to re-enrol, you’ll need proof of continuous coverage in another plan.

Coverage questions

If you have questions about claims, visit the Pacific Blue Cross website or contact them by phone: Lower Mainland: 604-419-2000 or toll-free in Canada: 1-877-722-2583.

Pacific Blue Cross also provides general information about COVID-19 and group benefits through their online COVID-19 Resource Centre.

External link to Pacific Blue Cross

Pacific Blue Cross COVID-19 Resource Centre

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