Retiring or returning to work

COVID-19 may change your retirement plans. Find out how retiring early or returning to work could affect your pension plan.

What if I already submitted my pension application, but I’ve decided to work longer?

Contact us in writing as soon as possible using My Account Message Centre.

Can I retire early because of COVID-19?

Earliest retirement ages haven’t changed. If you do retire early, you may receive a reduced pension.

What if I’m returning to work after retirement because of COVID-19?

If you return to work after you retire and are receiving a pension from BC’s Municipal Pension Plan, you’ll continue to receive your pension.

If you start working for an employer that participates in the Municipal Pension Plan, please inform your employer that you’re a retired member of the plan. This will ensure that your employer doesn’t re-enrol you in the plan.

If your new employer doesn’t participate in the Municipal Pension Plan, you may be eligible to contribute to your new employer’s pension plan, if it has one. Talk to your new employer for details.