Submit a form to get a pension estimate

Send us a form to get an estimate of your monthly pension payments.

Submit the form

  1. Complete the Estimate request form online
    • provide one retirement date within 12 months of the date you complete the form; leave the second retirement-date field empty
  2. Print the form
  3. Send the completed form and any required documents to BC's Municipal Pension Plan


To ensure all plan members receive accurate and timely information, we now provide one paper estimate within 12 months of your estimated retirement date when you submit an Estimate request form. Pension payment amounts change as your service, age and salary change over your career. Other factors can affect monthly pension payment amounts—such as buying or transferring service, changing your marital status and changing your employment status (e.g., from full to part time).

To explore multiple pension effective dates, sign in to My Account and use the personalized pension estimator.

The form is currently under review and continues to apply to those members who are not eligible to access the personalized pension estimator in My Account.

Another way

Sign in to My Account and use the Personalized pension estimator.

Required information
  • Your social insurance number
  • If you have a spouse,  their personal information, including their social insurance number
  • Two retirement date options
  • You may need to include documents with your package, depending on your personal situation and employment history