Guide for new members

Welcome to BC's Municipal Pension Plan. As a plan member, you are eligible for a lifetime monthly pension when you retire.

Where can I learn more?

BC's Municipal Pension Plan offers online courses and webinars to answer your pension questions. Start learning now!

Getting to Know Your Pension is a 15-minute online course. It's a quick and easy way to discover the value and benefits of being a plan member.

Making the Most of Your Pension is a 45-minute online course or 75-minute instructor-led webinar. Discover how the decisions you make in your career can affect your pension when you retire. You’ll also learn about purchasing service and the effects of life events on your pension.

Approaching Retirement is a 45-minute online course or 75-minute instructor-led webinar. If you’re planning for or within five years of retirement, you’ll learn about choosing your best pension option, how to apply for your pension, your income needs throughout retirement and the implications of returning to work.

Your pension is a valuable and reliable source of retirement income. It is also a significant investment in your future. Explore the resources on this site to learn how certain life events and decisions can affect your pension.