Your plan changes – police officers and firefighters

Are you wondering what plan changes mean for you? Learn about the changes and how they affect you.

Your plan changes – police officers and firefighters (groups 2 and 5) can help you learn more about:

  • How plan changes can affect your pension
  • How the changes may improve your lifetime pension
  • When changes to the highest average salary calculation may apply to you
  • How a new pension option may affect you
  • Options for purchasing a temporary annuity
  • When you can use our online tools to plan for your future

You are in group 5 if your employer and union have collectively bargained enrolment through an agreement. Members in group 5 contribute more and have a higher benefit accrual rate.

Group 2 members: watch a 7-minute video about the changes.

Group 5 members: watch a 9-minute video about the changes.