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Taxes and pension payments is a valuable source of information for active and retired plan members.
You may be able to transfer service to and from another public sector pension plan. See a list of the plan’s transfer agreements.

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Learning articles

Want to learn more about about your pension plan? Take a time out to dive deeper into one of these topics.

COLA: A recipe for improving your pension

Cost-of-living adjustments can help preserve your buying power throughout your retirement.

Five ways to save on health care costs

Save money on staying healthy with these helpful tips.

Funding for retirement health coverage

Your pension from BC's Municipal Pension Plan is a monthly income for your lifetime. It’s based on your salary and years of pensionable service. Health care and dental coverage is not part of your basic lifetime pension. It’s not pre-paid, not guaranteed and it can change at any time.

Research and advocacy

Pension Percolator

What’s brewing for BC and the Canadian retirement landscape.

Letters and submissions

In some circumstances, the board will provide letters and other submissions to advocate for public policies and regulations that support sound pension-related governance and long-term sustainable investment returns.

Facts about the plan

Learn why BC's Municipal Pension Plan is valuable, sustainable and beneficial to members, their families, communities and the province as a whole.

Pension studies and reports

Research shows: pension plans like BC's Municipal Pension Plan are doing it right for Canadians.

Tools and resources

This handy toolkit contains shareable information to help explain the value and features of BC's Municipal Pension Plan. This toolkit is helpful for plan members, employers and union representatives.


Annual report

Read our annual report for the latest information about investment performance, plan demographics and the different initiatives driving BC's Municipal Pension Plan into the future.

Report to members

Our annual reports to members summarize the plan's financial performance, investment holdings and any plan rule changes.

Valuation report

Read valuation reports on the plan.

The 2016 Annual Report is now available

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