A message from the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust Board of Trustees: March 27, 2024

Learn more about the Canadian Dental Care Plan eligibility and MRBT dental coverage

Understanding your eligibility for the Canadian Dental Care Plan

In December 2023, the Government of Canada announced the launch of the new Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). Eligibility for the CDCP is set by the government of Canada. If you are currently receiving dental coverage with the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust (MRBT), please carefully review the CDCP eligibility criteria before you cancel your coverage. If you currently have dental coverage through the MRBT and opt to cancel that coverage, you may not be eligible to reinstate your dental coverage through the MRBT in the future.

Contact Service Canada before changing your dental coverage

You are responsible for understanding your eligibility and making decisions about coverage. Please visit the CDCP website or call Service Canada at 1-833-537-4342 to review the CDCP eligibility criteria. If you are considering cancelling or declining coverage, we recommend you call Service Canada before you take any action. You can find more information about cancelling or declining coverage by following the links in the related content box.

The MRBT Board of Trustees has requested that the Government of Canada change the CDCP eligibility criteria

In late December 2023, the MRBT Board of Trustees wrote to the Government of Canada requesting a change to the eligibility criteria for the CDCP. Currently, eligibility for the CDCP requires an individual to have “no access” to an insured plan. The MRBT requested the eligibility criteria become “no coverage” under an insured plan to better address the needs of members facing financial barriers. To date, we have not received a reply.

Information about the CDCP continues to evolve since its initial announcement by the government. The MRBT Board of Trustees will continue to monitor information about the CDCP and how its eligibility criteria may impact your coverage options.


Lyn Kocher, board chair

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