Apply to transfer service from another pension plan

Send us a form to begin the process of transferring service from another public sector pension plan.

Submit the Pension transfer application form

  1. Complete the form online
  2. Print and sign it
  3. Attach a clear copy of government-issued identification to prove your age and identity
  4. Send the completed form and copy of the identification to the Municipal Pension Plan


Once you have submitted your application, the transfer process may take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. We will contact you if we require any additional information.


You are eligible to transfer service between pension plans if:

  • You are an active member in the Municipal Pension Plan
  • You have ended all employment in your previous employer’s plan
  • Your previous employer’s pension plan has a transfer agreement with the Municipal Pension Plan
Required information

A clear copy of government-issued identification to prove your age and identity.

Examples of acceptable forms of government-issued identification include:

  • Valid photo BC Services Card
  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Canadian marriage certificate (with date of birth)
  • Valid Canadian passport (photo page)
  • Valid Canadian provincial or territorial driver's licence

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Acceptable documents to prove your identification

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