Claim a death benefit

After we’re notified a plan member has died, we’ll send information about next steps to their beneficiary (or beneficiaries) and/or executor.

The information package explains whether a death benefit is available and, if so, how it will be paid.

Once you return the required forms and documents to BC's Municipal Pension Plan, we are authorized to pay the death benefit. We follow Canada Revenue Agency rules for deducting income taxes from payments.

In the package

The letter in the package we send you will explain what you need to do. The package may include a form to sign and submit to us. Read the instructions on the form carefully. Some forms must be signed in the presence of a witness.

What to submit

Submit any required forms to us along with a copy of the death certificate, if we don’t already have a copy.

We may also need other information before we pay a death benefit. The letter in the package will tell you if we need any additional documents, such as:

  • The plan member’s will, if applicable
  • If you are a spouse, a document proving your age, such as a copy of your birth certificate
  • If you are a beneficiary other than a spouse, a document to prove your identity, such as a copy of your valid driver’s licence or passport
  • If you represent an organization named as a beneficiary, the organization’s Canada Revenue Agency number
  • If the plan member was not yet receiving their pension, a copy of a document proving their age
  • If the plan member’s or spouse’s current name is different from what’s on the proof-of-age document, a copy of a change-of-name document, such as a marriage certificate, adoption paper, passport or legal name-change document

Health coverage

Spouses and dependants may be eligible for extended health care and dental coverage through the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust. They must meet certain criteria. Contact us for more information.