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Board Communique: December 5, 2022

The Municipal Pension Plan will provide additional funding for the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust

Board Communique: November 23, 2022

Your plan is on the path toward net zero

Board Communique: October 6, 2022

Your Municipal Pension Plan is 105.3 per cent funded and ready for the future

Board Communique: December 2, 2021

Introducing the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust

Board Communique: September 16, 2021

Members have a new option to buy service for a layoff

Member news: July 9, 2021

Three-year work requirement for purchase of service temporarily waived

Member news: April 29, 2021

Learn how shift work can affect the value of your pension

Board Communique: March 29, 2021

Plan changes will improve equity, sustainability and your lifetime pension.

Letter from the Municipal Pension Plan Board of Trustees and plan partners: March 29, 2021

The plan partners have reached agreement on plan design, and the board has received the agreement and adopted new rules that will take effect January 1, 2022.

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