Submit a form to name (or change) a beneficiary (limited member)

If you're a limited member, send us a form to name a beneficiary (other than your estate).

Submit the Nomination of beneficiary (for limited member) form

  1. Complete the form online
  2. Print, sign and date it
  3. If required, attach a separate page identifying any additional or alternate beneficiaries
  4. Mail the signed form (and additional page, if applicable) to BC's Municipal Pension Plan

If you are naming more than two beneficiaries or alternate beneficiaries, include this information on a separate sheet and attach to the form. The sheet must include the same date as the form to be valid and your printed name and signature. Note: remember that whatever percentage you allocate to your beneficiaries the total must add up to 100 per cent.

Another way to name a beneficiary

You can also name beneficiaries in your will. If you name beneficiaries for your pension benefit in your will, complete the following to ensure your wishes are met:

  • Name the Municipal Pension Plan
  • Name the beneficiaries and include the specific percentage of the pension benefit you want to leave to each beneficiary


You can submit this form if you are a limited member of the plan.

Required information
  • If you are naming a person as a beneficiary, you’ll need to provide their:
    • full legal name
    • date of birth
    • mailing address
  • If you are naming an organization as a beneficiary, you need its exact name (and chapter and branch, if applicable); including the organization's Canada Revenue Agency registration number may help ensure faster payment.
  • If you are naming a trust, it is helpful to include its trust account number