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Hot off the presses! The summer edition of Pension Life is now available.

To have more taxes deducted from your monthly pension payment, contact us in writing. Requests cannot be made over the phone. Read about what to include in your request in Tax information for retired members.

You will find the date of your next pension payment under Taxes and pension payments, a valuable source of information for active and retired plan members.

2018 Report to Members

How’s the plan performing? Where are we invested? Any changes to plan rules?
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The halfway point

Total membership reached 71,681, including 63,186 active and deferred members and 8,495 retired members. That means there were 7.4 active members for each retired member. Today, there are 2.1 active members for each retired member.

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Read the latest issues of Pension Life, the newsletter that keeps retired members informed about their pensions and connected to the plan. Pension Life, formerly After Work, is published twice a year.

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