Online courses and webinars

Get answers to your pension questions. Our online courses and webinars focus on situations you'll face during your career.

Early to mid-career

Getting to Know Your Pension

Are you new to the plan or thinking of joining? Here’s an introduction to the value and benefits of plan membership.

Understanding Your Pension

Are you interested in how your pension is calculated? Understanding Your Pension can help you plan your career and your retirement.

Making the Most of Your Pension

Are you establishing your career or several years away from retirement? Learn how the decisions you make throughout your career can affect your pension when you retire.

How Taking Leaves and Life Events Affect Your Pension

Have you recently gone through a major life event? Learn how it can affect your pension in this short webinar.

Mid to late career

Planning for Retirement

Have you been thinking about retiring? Planning now can help ensure you make a smooth transition into retirement.

Approaching Retirement

Are you planning for or within five years of retirement? Understand the important decisions you need to make about your pension.

Choosing Your Pension Option

Are you within a year of retirement? Do you know your pension options? Choosing your pension option can be one of the most important financial decisions you make.