Creating the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust

Learn about the new Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust and how it affects you.

As of January 1, 2022, retirement health coverage is provided through the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust (MRBT).

About the MRBT

The MRBT is an employee life and health trust (ELHT). ELHTs are a tax-efficient way to enhance benefit security and to fund life, health and dental benefits for plan members.

The MRBT is an independent benefits trust. Funds contributed to it pay expenses (to run the trust) and claims. Funds also earn investment income over time.

The trust is managed by a board of trustees appointed by the plan employer partner and the plan member partner:

  • Plan employer partner: Government of BC and the Union of BC Municipalities
  • Plan member partner: Municipal Employees’ Pension Committee

The trustees are responsible for overseeing plan administration, managing assets and appointing professional advisors, if needed.

Why the plan partners created the MRBT for retiree group health benefits

Before January 1, 2022, retiree group health benefits were funded by employer contributions and premiums paid by retired members who choose the coverage. Employer contributions had to be used in the same year; they couldn’t carry over to future years and they couldn’t accumulate investment income.

Providing benefits through an ELHT offers better sustainability because funds can accumulate and earn investment income.

The impact on you

If you participate in the plan’s retirement health coverage you continue to:

  • Have the same coverage
  • Have the same insurer—Pacific Blue Cross (PBC)
  • Use your PBC ID card
  • Use the same group health number
  • Make claims the same way
  • Have premiums deducted and sent to PBC by your selected method, e.g., from your monthly pension payment

Plan members applying for a pension can continue to enroll in the retirement health coverage through the new trust. Retiring members can also enroll their spouses and dependents.

Retiree group benefits are not fully pre-funded and not guaranteed. Access to benefits is subject to decisions of the MRBT. The MRBT can increase, decrease or eliminate coverage, including changes to deductibles, annual limits, maximum subsidies and premiums.

For questions about coverage or claims, continue to contact Pacific Blue Cross. If you need to adjust your coverage or make a change to a dependant, contact the Pension Corporation. For comments or requests about the benefits program, contact the MRBT board:

External link for retired members plan changes

Pacific Blue Cross