Who you can name as a beneficiary

Learn who you can name as a beneficiary to receive your pension benefit when you die.

Name beneficiaries in your will

You can use your will to state how you want your pension benefit distributed. When you name beneficiaries in your will, it allows the plan to pay the benefit directly to these named beneficiaries.

In order for us to administer your pension benefit through your will, your will must:

  • Name the Municipal Pension Plan
  • State how you want your pension benefit divided
  • List your beneficiaries and any alternate beneficiaries, and the percentage of the pension benefit allocated to each; the percentages assigned must add up to 100 per cent

Note: if the plan has both your will and nomination of beneficiary, the one with the most recent date will be considered the valid document. You may wish to speak with a lawyer or estate planner to discuss your options.


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