Beneficiaries and your pension

Learn the options available to you when choosing a beneficiary (or beneficiaries) for your pension benefit.

Naming and changing beneficiaries

Your ability to name or change your beneficiary(ies) depends on whether you have a spouse.

Before you retire

If you are an active member of the plan, sign in to My Account to name or change your beneficiaries. This includes naming or changing multiple or alternate beneficiaries if you are eligible to do so.

After you retire

After you retire, your ability to change your beneficiary or name multiple beneficiaries depends on whether you had a spouse at retirement and the pension option you chose.

Not all pension options allow you to name or change a beneficiary, and in some cases you may not have a choice, since your spouse may already be your beneficiary.

If you choose a joint life pension with a guarantee at your retirement, your spouse must be your beneficiary; they cannot waive this right. However, you can name or change an alternate beneficiary(ies) to receive your pension benefit should your spouse die before you during the guarantee period.

If you chose a single life pension option with a guarantee at retirement, you may be able to name a different beneficiary. If your spouse is currently your beneficiary, you can only name a different beneficiary if your spouse has given up their right to your pension benefit. Your spouse may need to submit a waiver before you can name a new beneficiary. Please contact the plan.

Sign in to My Account to view your current pension option and beneficiary information.

If you are eligible to change your beneficiary(ies), you can do so online through My Account or by submitting a Change of beneficiary (for retired member) form to the plan.