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Research shows: pension plans like BC's Municipal Pension Plan are doing it right for Canadians.

Research shows that pension plans like BC's Municipal Pension Plan have a positive impact on members, their dependants, their communities and the economy. Learn more by reviewing these studies and reports.

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Economic benefits of Canadian public sector pension plans
Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis. 2021. Commissioned by the Canadian Public Pension Leadership Council.
Posted: April 25, 2022

Shifting Public Sector DB Plans To DC: The Experience So Far And Implications For Canada
Brown, Robert L and Craig McInnes. 2014. Victoria, BC: Canadian Public Pension Leadership Council.
Posted: April 23, 2015

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Assessing the Economic Impacts of Pension-Income Spending in British Columbia
Urban Futures. 2016. Vancouver, BC: BC Pension Corporation.
Posted: October 15, 2015

An in-depth look at BC public sector pension plans: the context for Municipal Pension Plan
Posted: July 5, 2012

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Prince George

Retirees help fashion northern shop that tailors to their needs
“If you want good things in your community, you have to support them,” says Municipal Pension Plan retiree Karen McKenzie.

Northern farmers grow with support from local retirees
Once a month for the last 13 years, retiree Joanne Parker has looked forward to her Good Food Box filled with seasonal local produce – and its recipe-laden newsletter.


Interior business enjoys decades of support from retirees
For more than 30 years, Municipal Pension Plan retirees Frank and Nancy Wilson have been customers of the Fox’n Hounds Pub.

Okanagan community benefits from energetic retiree quilter
A quilt shop is a community, and retired health care support worker Marie Allen has found hers in a small Kamloops store that is a hive of creative female energy.

Retired nurse finds fresh, healthy produce at Okanagan farm market
Old Town Farm Market owner Annelle Cyra strips off her gloves and sweeps back an errant strand of sandy blonde hair as she takes a break from unpacking produce to chat with customer Jeanne Callahan.

Radium Hot Springs

Kootenay retirees rely on massage therapist to keep them in good health
Rose Bard and Lyn Birkett can’t resist making goofy faces at each other when they pose for a photo on the golf course where Lyn’s business, Rising Sun Massage and Spa is located.

North Vancouver

Lynn Valley flower shop blooms with support of local retiree
Finding a simple, affordable work of art in her neighbourhood brings joy to Municipal Pension Plan retiree Elspeth Richmond. “I love to bring flowers to friends for special occasions,” she says.


East Kootenay bookstore relies on avid retiree readers
Jimmy Abbey says retirement sure beats work. After spending 37 years driving trucks for the City of Cranbrook and contributing to the Municipal Pension Plan to save for his retirement, Jimmy is enjoying having his feet on the ground, hiking the region’s many scenic trails and taking wildlife photos.


Island gardener sows pension locally
Cultivate Garden & Gift on Vancouver Island does more than just grow pretty plants; it also contributes to cultivating a strong local economy, according to Janice Victory, one of the store’s many retiree customers.

Island store recognizes retirees as factor in decades of success
When you celebrate 30 years in business, you know customers by their first names and they know yours,” says Home Hardware owner Bill Ormiston.


Lower mainland café a favourite breakfast spot for retirees
Lesley Walker and Judy Sandhu are a perfect match—Lesley hates cooking, and Judy loves it. Judy also happens to own a café close to Lesley’s home with prices a pensioner can appreciate.

Fraser Valley retirees keep coming back for fresh produce and friendly service
Ken Lee’s deli counter cooler is broken, and he’s been scrambling for the past week to get it repaired, but in spite of this, he’s smiling.