Buying service for a leave

Learn about your options for buying service during or after a leave of absence.

What the cost will be

The cost to buy service for your leave of absence is based on:

  • The number of months of service you want to buy
  • Your current full-time gross monthly pensionable salary (or full-time equivalent, if you work part time)
  • The current employee and employer contribution rates

Your employer will pay its share of an Employment Standards Act (ESA)-approved leave of absence.

For general leaves, you are usually required to pay the whole cost (unless you have a separate agreement with your employer).

Estimating the cost of a lump-sum payment

Sign in to My Account and use the personalized purchase cost estimator to find out how much it may cost to purchase your leave as a lump sum.

Estimating the cost of continuous contributions

If you’re planning to make continuous contributions to your pension during an ESA-approved leave, you can estimate your monthly cost by adding together the pension deduction on two biweekly pay stubs.

Additional cost considerations

  • Since your payment cost is based on current salary and contribution rates, buying your service earlier may be less expensive
  • If you are making continuous contributions, your cost may change slightly month to month with regular salary increases

External link to employment standards

Government of B.C. Employment Standards