Buying service for a leave

Learn about your options for buying service during or after a leave of absence.

What to discuss with your employer

If you wish to make continuous contributions while on an approved leave of absence under the Employment Standards Act, you should let your employer know ahead of time.

Up to 10 weeks before your leave begins, speak with your employer to arrange for your continuous contributions. You may wish to discuss statements that you will receive from the plan about once a month and the deadlines for making regular payments.

If your leave type changes partway through your leave (for example, if you will be taking a maternity leave followed by a parental leave), this may affect your monthly cost for continuous contributions.

Your employer can help you understand:

  • How and when your leave type may change
  • What top-up you may receive during different leaves
  • How changes in leave type or top-up amount may affect your continuous contribution payments

External link to employment standards

Government of B.C. Employment Standards