Buying service for arrears

Find out what to do if there was a period when you and your employer should have contributed to the pension plan but didn’t.

Enrolment arrears and you

You may have enrolment arrears if there was a period when you did not contribute because you were not correctly enrolled in the plan.

Determining whether you have enrolment arrears depends on the plan enrolment rules at the time you became eligible to join.

You might have enrolment arrears if:

  • Your enrolment in the plan was mandatory, but your employer did not deduct pension contributions from your paycheque when required to do so
  • Your enrolment was optional, and you chose to join the plan but didn’t start contributing from your date of eligibility
  • Your enrolment on or after April 1, 2000 was optional, but you didn’t sign the waiver to opt out; you were automatically enrolled but didn’t start contributing
  • You signed the waiver to opt out and later decided to enrol, but didn’t start contributing on the date you enrolled
  • You worked for more than one employer that participated in the plan at the same time but did not contribute to the plan through all your employers

If enrolment arrears are identified:

  • Your employer is required to immediately pay their share
  • You may choose whether to pay for your portion. If you choose to do so, you must apply to buy arrears by the deadline.