Buying service for arrears

Find out what to do if there was a period when you and your employer should have contributed to the pension plan but didn’t.

If you identify arrears

Payroll arrears

Contact your employer if you notice a period when you should have contributed to the plan but didn’t. Your employer will need to complete a Purchase of Service Application form and submit it to the plan.

Once we receive the form, we’ll send your employer an invoice for the full cost, which they must pay. You will immediately be credited with full service for the period. Your employer may bill you for your share.

Enrolment arrears

If you believe there was a period when you should have been enrolled in the plan, but were not, speak to your employer.

Use the personalized purchase cost estimator in My Account to find out how much it may cost to buy your arrears. It will also tell you how much your monthly pension benefit may increase.

To buy your enrolment arrears:

  1. Open and save the Purchase of Service Application form.
  2. Complete Part A.
  3. If you were working for a different employer (not your current employer) when the arrears happened, submit the completed form and documents to your former employer. They will complete Part C and return the form and documents to you.
  4. Send the completed form to your current employer.
  5. Your employer may request additional documents to complete your application (e.g., pay stubs or a letter of hire). They will complete Part B and send the form to the plan.

We will send you a statement showing your cost and the payment due date. We will also bill your employer for its share.

Your employer must immediately pay its share to the plan. You can decide if you want to pay your share. You have 90 days to pay.

If you pay your share, you will get credit for:

  • The full pensionable service (this affects your monthly payment amount in retirement)
  • The full contributory service (this affects when you can retire with an unreduced pension)

If you do not pay your share, you will get credit for:

  • Half the pensionable service
  • The full contributory service