What are the member groups?

The plan has specialized member groups for police officers and firefighters.

How group 2 is different from group 5

Members and employers in group 5 pay higher contribution rates than members and employers in group 2.

Effective January 1, 2022:

  • Pensions for group 5 members will be calculated using a flat rate on all salary
  • Pensions for group 2 members will continue to be calculated using a tiered system with one rate on salary at and below the year’s maximum pensionable earnings and a different rate on salary above it

Members accruing pensionable service in Group 5 must stop contributing to their special agreement (SA). SA contributions end the day before a member is enrolled in Group 5. SA accounts will continue to accrue pension interest until the member retires or ends their membership in the plan.

Participation in Group 2 is automatic for members who are police officers and/or firefighters. Participation in Group 5 requires the employer and the union to collectively bargain enrolment through an agreement and apply to the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees for approval.

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