What are the member groups?

The plan has specialized member groups for police officers and firefighters.

Membership in group 5

Group 5 participation requires the employer and the union to collectively bargain enrolment through an agreement and apply to the Municipal Pension Board of Trustees for approval.

If you’re covered by a collectively bargained agreement between your employer and the union that specifies membership in group 5, you will become a group 5 member. Non-union firefighters and police officers (e.g., chiefs and deputies) hired after their employer enrols also become group 5 members. Non-union firefighters and police officers who are active members when their employer enrols in group 5 will be given a one-time opportunity to opt out of group 5 enrolment and remain in group 2.

If you are currently in group 2 and not eligible to move to group 5 because you do not meet the definitions of police officer or firefighter, you will stay in group 2.

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