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Putting your trust in trustees

Learn more about what pension trustees do and how they are appointed to the board

Your plan is governed as a joint trusteeship. This means employers and members share in the plan’s management, including responsibility for plan funding and design. The plan’s governance structure is one of its greatest strengths. Its framework is set out in the Municipal Pension Plan Joint Trust Agreement (JTA).

What do trustees do?

Your trustees have the important job of overseeing BC’s Municipal Pension Plan. They are responsible for administrating the plan according to the terms of the JTA. They also manage the pension fund, including the investment of assets. Trustees ask for professional advice and services, as needed. This includes actuarial, investment management, legal and plan administration advice and services.

Trustees are nominated and appointed by the plan partners—the provincial government and the Union of BC Municipalities—and other organizations representing plan members and employers.

When a trustee first joins the board, they have a mentor assigned to them and they complete an orientation program. They are also supported through ongoing trustee education, which is part of the board’s education policy. Trustees have access to self-assessment tools and performance standards information. These help trustees understand their responsibilities and how to be effective board members.

Learn about your current trustees

There are 32 trustees—16 primary and 16 alternate—on BC’s Municipal Pension Plan board. Alternate trustees can vote on behalf of their primary trustee at a board meeting if their primary trustee cannot attend.

Many of your trustees had experience with the plan before they joined the board. Some worked, or are still working, as nurses, police officers, firefighters or in union roles. Each trustee brings a unique perspective to the table. They understand the plan and know what matters most to members and employers.

See the Board trustees page to learn more about your current trustees. You can also learn more about who appoints trustees by visiting the Organizational structure of the plan page.